Review: Ciate Cocktail Dress Nail Polish

I’m mixing things up a little today nail-review wise, and featuring a product from the lovely Ciate! It is called Cocktail Dress, and I received it in a Glossybox. I was immediately drawn to the adorable packaging and beautiful shade of pinky-red. I have been staring at my nails for a good minute trying to figure out whether it is red or pink…what do you think?

Ciate Cocktail Dress Nail Polish review

I’m leaning more towards pink, especially when you look at it in the bottle, but on the nails it has a red vibe. Anyway, see what I mean about the cute packaging?! A little bow makes all the difference, I tell you. The curved bottle shape was also a nice change, and made me feel that the product was a little bit special. But all of that aside…how did it perform?

I, of course, used a top coat to begin then a coat of Cocktail Dress. After the first coat had dried, I looked at my nails and I could have sworn there were three coats on there! It is such a beautifully opaque polish, and although I didn’t really need to I popped on a second coat for good luck.

Ciate Cocktail Dress Nail Polish review

Hello shine! What a beautiful result – and for me, the paint job wasn’t bad either! The brush actually made it really easy to apply the polish, and not spread it half way across each side of the nail like I usually do. The overall finish looked and felt strong, and I wasn’t wrong – I’ve been wearing the polish for a good three days and there are only a couple of little chips!

Ciate Cocktail Dress Nail Polish review

Cocktail Dress retails for £9, which for a high-end nail polish is very good value. Also, considering how well it performs, it could end up lasting you years using just one coat at a time! What do you think of this gorgeous shade?

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  1. Petra
    March 13, 2014 / 9:16 pm

    Nice shade! I would have said pink too. I could totally see this with a cute little cocktail dress or even as a spring/summer shade.

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