Claire’s Accessories Haul!

Last week, the wonderful Claire’s Accessories very kindly sent me a bundle of goodies – I was so surprised when they arrived, and couldn’t wait to delve into the box! I absolutely loved everything, and just had to share with you all. I decided to put together a haul video featuring the awesome items:

They know me so well! I adored everything they sent to me, in particular items like the skull bandana, pink aviator sunglasses, flower crown and Hello Kitty necklaces! In the video, I mentioned that once I learn how to properly style the bandana I will do a video all about it – is that something you’d like to see?

As some of my original readers and viewers will know, I used to work at Claire’s Accessories back home in Cheshire! It was a super fun job, and I just loved dressing up every day – whereas some of the girls in the store would pop on a necklace and a couple of rings, I’d be in mini top hats, feather boas and studded belts all day long! It’s so lovely to be in touch with Claire’s as a blogger now, and they are incredibly kind to me.

What did you love most out of all the items I showcased in the video? Let me know!

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox


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