Review: OPI Gwen Stefani I Sing In Color Nail Polish

Round 3 of the Gwen Stefani OPI polish reviews! Today I’ll be taking a closer look at I Sing In Color – a deep shade that is almost brown, with subtle burgundy and fuchsia undertones. It’s a strange one to describe, and it’s also quite weird to explain my thoughts on it…

 OPI Gwen Stefani I Sing In Color Nail Polish

I Sing In Color is the second polish from the left, and is pictured here alongside the others from the Gwen Stefani minis set. I have to admit that it was the one I was least excited about, but I thought the red and pink undertones would be great for Valentine’s Day (I applied it yesterday!).

As my nails are still recovering from my shellac peeling fiasco, they’re still a bit damaged and the surface isn’t particularly even. I applied my OPI Nail Envy before I Sing In Color to protect my nail from the colour and also help to smooth things down – it seemed to work, and I popped on two coats of the Gwen Stefani shade.

 OPI Gwen Stefani I Sing In Color Nail Polish

Well…hmm. I can’t say that I’m particularly bowled over with the polish, although there’s nothing particularly wrong with it either. I think I need to put it down to the shade not being my taste! The finish is nice and glossy, but the photo above was taken by a big window and that’s about the only time any of the reds/pinks shine through.

Also, the polish chipped on my damaged nails pretty quickly – admittedly, if your nails are in good condition this shouldn’t be an issue, but the formula isn’t forgiving of flakey or peeling nails. I guess it’s just not for me – but I’d love to know if you think differently!

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  1. Shannon
    February 15, 2014 / 5:23 pm

    I prefer darker nail polish colors but this one isn’t my cup of tea either. Not a fan of brown polish.

  2. Carolin
    February 15, 2014 / 6:08 pm

    I think it’s beautiful. Very classy and timeless!

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