Fitness Fridays: Aiming for Endurance

Welcome to my very first Fitness Friday post! After my most recent (and final) Weight Loss Wednesday blog, I mentioned that now I’ve reached my goal weight I have so many new targets to aim for. I’m a total fitness addict and love nothing more than a good workout, so I wanted to share some of my current favourite fitness bits and bobs!

Just a note – I’m not going to guarantee that these posts will be a weekly thing. I think I’ll post mainly when I have something new to report that week to make sure things stay as interesting as possible! As it happens, I have quite a bit to tell you this week so let’s get started.

I mentioned on Twitter a couple of weeks ago that I have signed up to the Amsterdam Half Marathon! Some of you may remember that I did the Race For Life last year (the proof is below!) and whilst that was only 5K, it gave me the push I needed to go for a bigger running challenge. I’m going to be doing the Amsterdam Half Marathon with my friend Nicky, who is an avid runner, and whilst I haven’t actually started training yet (it is in October!) I have been, erm, planning it.

Race For Life Chyaz 2013

My main goal with the training I’m going to do is increased endurance. I know I’m already pretty strong, and able to cope with extremely tough exercises for short periods of time, but I need to work on going the distance. On recommendation from the lovely Charlie, aka GinFuelledBlueStocking, I downloaded the Endomondo app which I’m looking forward to using. It helps to track your distance, calorie burn and more whilst you run – I’m currently trying to map out the best places to train in Manchester city centre where I live, so hopefully I’ll get to that soon.

On a more day-to-day note, I’ve recently stepped up my daily workout routines. I am totally in love with FitnessBlender workouts at the moment, and after working through lots of Kelli’s routines I’ve started to challenge myself even more by completing some of Daniel’s. Some of them are tough, and some of them are bloody tough (it’s either one or the other!) but they are wildly effective. My body shape has changed so much in a short time and it’s all down to this lovely pair! Below is the workout I did this morning:

So that’s about it for this week! If you have any tips, advice or questions feel free to leave them below as always 🙂

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox



  1. Sameera
    February 14, 2014 / 9:01 pm

    Would love to know where you map out in city center its a nightmare 🙁 have heard out to ancoats is a good one. Came across fitness blender in your last post and am looking forward to trying them. Did the sweatfest one this morningg and almost died!! Lol well done for coming this far 🙂 x

  2. Anneleen
    February 17, 2014 / 9:00 am

    I’m definitely gonna check out fitness bledner!
    But I do have a question… How did you get into running? Because I have friends who like running, but for me personally it is hell! I really don’t like running! For me it feels like it doesn’t have a purpose… It’s just running. I prefer playing a sports like basketball or something, because there I feel the running has a purpose…
    I really like swimming and cycling (I really like spinning), but I have to go to the Gym to do this and travelling this distance everyday is not really an option… So maybe I can try running again? So if you have tips for getting in to it, please let me know 🙂 Because maybe I will enjoy it a bit more then.

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