Review: OPI Gwen Stefani Hey Baby Nail Polish

When I first looked at the Gwen Stefani OPI range, there was one shade that really caught my eye. If you know me and have seen the collection, I’m sure you’ll know which one I’m talking about straight away! It is the beautiful Hey Baby, a hot pink with a gorgeously glossy finish. It’s pretty easy to pick out of the line-up…

OPI Gwen Stefani Hey Baby Nail Polish review

Ok, so I already own about 4 million (well, 4) pink nail varnishes, but this Gwen Stefani one drew me in. Hey Baby is one of my all-time favourite No Doubt songs and the shade looked absolutely stunning in the bottle. It was the main reason I purchased the mini set above – if Hey Baby hasn’t been in it, I would have probably just bought the full sized one straight away.

Here is it with its other mini friends…

OPI Gwen Stefani Hey Baby Nail Polish review

I have to admit that I usually prefer a little more sparkle to my pink polish – this one is very much glitter-free, with a silky smooth finish. It looks slightly paler in the bottle than it does on the nails, which is totally fine by me. I love striking pinks and Hey Baby certainly lived up to my expectations!

The formula is exceptionally good – it applies to the nails with ease and dries surprisingly quickly! I love a quick dry polish, and in fairness it’s not something I particularly expect from OPI but this one really delivered. I’ve had it on my nails for a couple of days now and a few chips have started to show, but all-in-all it is wonderful. Here were my (badly) freshly painted nails:

OPI Gwen Stefani Hey Baby Nail Polish review

I wish the photo didn’t show the polish to be so coral. It’s a stunning pink in real life! Please do excuse the lumps and bumps – my nails are still recovering from the effects of me peeling off shellac. Never again! (I say that every time…)

I’m incredibly tempted to purchase the full-sized bottle of Hey Baby, but I’ll see how long the mini one lasts me for yet. I rarely ever finish a bottle of polish before it dries up anyway, regardless of the size!

Have you tried any shades from the Gwen Stefani OPI range? What do you make of them?

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    hi I like your new Nail Polish ok …


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