Review: Claire’s Cherry Cupcake Earbuds

I’ve been meaning to review these gorgeous Cherry Cupcake Earbud headphones from Claire’s Accessories since way back in December! They were very kindly given to me by the brand at their Christmas lunch party in Manchester, and I fell in love with them straight away. However, I have to admit that I was slightly sceptical about how well they would actually perform as headphones, so I decided to put them to the test.

Claire's Cherry Cupcake Earbuds review

In true Chyaz style, I picked a super loud System of a Down track on my iPod and plugged these earbuds in. The first thing I noticed is that they fit into the ears really well – I have a problem with encouraging earphones to actually stay put, but these were brilliant. The soft rubber moulds nicely to your ear shape and the cupcakes themselves actually help to keep the buds in your ears!

I started to blast the tunes out, aware that the genre didn’t hugely fit with the cutesy design of the earphones, but persevered nonetheless!

Claire's Cherry Cupcake Earbuds review

I am very pleased to report that these are fantastic! I was so incredibly impressed with the sound quality and performance of these cute little earbuds – it’s always the ones you don’t expect, hey? I am actually going to be using these when I go running, as I’m pretty sure they’ll stay in place even whilst I run and the sound is more than good enough to combat any outside noise.

The Claire’s Cherry Cupcake Earbuds retail for £10, which I actually think is perfectly reasonable considering the quality. If you’ve ever been tempted to pick these up whilst on a shopping trip, I’d thoroughly recommend them!

Anyone else massively craving a giant cupcake now?!

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Chyaz xox


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  1. Jessica Strudwick
    February 3, 2014 / 5:28 pm

    claires earphones are always goo quality. I brought some last christmas and they lasted till about may. they were rainbow coloured ad had a zip down the cord. it actually helped me getting out of one of my nasty habits of chewing the cord without realising. so good in more uses than one. 🙂

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