Review: Victoria’s Secret Yoga Crop Leggings

Since the Victoria’s Secret store opened in Manchester’s Trafford Centre I have totally fallen in love with it. I adore the underwear but my true weakness lies in the Pink section of the store – the casual and workout clothes are nothing short of stunning!

I have been planning to invest in a pair of the Yoga Pants for a good while, but could never decide which style to go for. Shorts, leggings, bootcut pants…they are all gorgeous in their own way, and the designs are beautiful! I had to think about what I’d actually use them for – rather than for relaxing in, I want to use my Victoria’s Secret Pink pants for exercise, so I decided to opt for the Yoga Crop Leggings. Here they are ‘in action’, taken from my Instagram page!

ictoria's Secret Yoga Crop Leggings review

How amazing is the design?! I am obsessed with leopard print, and the wide band is both comfortable and flattering. I will most likely wear these for running in as they feel super secure and easy to move about in. The material is amazingly soft yet the quality is exceptional. Also, if I ever take up actual yoga then these will be the first thing I grab from my wardrobe!

ictoria's Secret Yoga Crop Leggings review

The Yoga Crop Leggings cost £32.50, which is MUCH more than I’d usually pay for workout clothes, but when are workout clothes ever this gorgeous? They were definitely a treat, and I can’t imagine myself ever totally stocking up on items from Pink (I still love my USA Pro sports bras, for example!) but a little injection of glamour can’t hurt.

ictoria's Secret Yoga Crop Leggings review

So I’ve established that the leggings themselves are amazing, and that I’d thoroughly recommend them to anyone, but I also want to mention the general experience of shopping in Victoria’s Secret. It’s essentially a pleasure from beginning to end – the store itself is stunning, the items are well displayed and lit and the changing rooms are a dream to be in. I literally want my house to look like the Victoria’s Secret changing rooms one day! Also, the check out process and the way the items are packed is equally top notch – five stars all round!

Are you a fan of Victoria’s Secret or Pink?

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