Review: OPI Gwen Stefani Love.Angel.Music.Baby

When I found out that OPI were due to launch a Gwen Stefani collection, I could not contain my excitement! I tweeted about it straight away – OPI are one of my favourite nail brands of all time, and Gwen one of my favourite artists. A match made in heaven!

All of this was before I’d even seen the products. In a way, I felt like I didn’t need to – I knew that they would reflect her style and look perfectly, and they do! They’re vibrant, sleek and edgy all at the same time and in different ways. I decided to purchase the Minis collection so I could try out as many as possible before deciding whether there were any full-sized bottles I wanted to buy.

OPI Gwen Stefani Love.Angel.Music.Baby review

For my first review, I will be introducing you to the beautiful Love.Angel.Music.Baby It is a shimmery gold polish with an amazing satin feel, meaning you don’t need a top coat! I’m not usually too fond of gold polishes, but there was something about this one that really drew me in.

OPI Gwen Stefani Love.Angel.Music.Baby review

Obviously it is the third one along – they’re so tiny that it’s difficult to photograph them on their own without them going for a little wander off the side of the surface. When they’re placed on their side, anyway. Erm…where was I? I appear to be talking nonsense…

I popped on my usual OPI base coat, but noticed that my nails looked unusually rubbish. I totally ruined them by peeling off gel nail polish (NEVER DO IT!) and they’re taking forever to recover. I was worried that the terrible quality of my nails would affect the overall look of the polish, but persevered anyway…

OPI Gwen Stefani Love.Angel.Music.Baby review

Let’s all just take a minute to appreciate the true beauty of this product. It is STUNNING! So much more so than I even imagined, especially considering the state of my nails. I have to be honest – after around 24 hours some of the cracks started to show where my nails are especially damaged but all in all it still covered my nails well.

This was using two coats, and the satin finish was gorgeous. I never thought I’d be a particular fan of it but it really is pretty. One of the other polishes in the Minis set is a satin finish too, so I can’t wait to see how that one performs.

So far, so awesome Ms Stefani! You have not disappointed whatsoever. Just for reference, the Minis set cost £13.95 from the OPI website, which I think is a decent price considering you get to try four different shades.

Have you tried any of the Gwen Stefani OPI polishes?

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