Lzzy Hale Make Up Tutorial

Since I started my YouTube channel, I’ve always enjoyed posting make up looks based on cult favourites – some of my favourites to create have been inspired by the likes of Emilie Autumn, Lacey Mosley and Lights. Today, I bring you a relatively simple and easy yet effective look based on the awesome Lzzy Hale of the band Halestorm!

Here’s the full make up tutorial in video form:

I have had so many requests to film a look like this, and am thrilled to have got round to it. Lzzy’s make up looks are pretty straightforward – a black/brown light smoky eye with either nude or red lips. I decided to add in a couple of variations to the tutorial…

1. If you want to go for the lighter Lzzy look, feel free to leave out the extra contour eyeshadow step. I have seen photos where Lzzy’s make up is a little heavier, but it is mostly relatively light.

2. Choose between natural/nude or lightly stained dark red lips. I went for the red option and patted my lipstick on lightly using my fingers to make sure it wasn’t too thick and heavy.

I used lots of products by Smashbox in the video (for no other reason than I personally love them!) but you can use whatever you have access to. As a quick run down, I used:

  • BB Cream (feel free to use whichever base you prefer)
  • Smashbox Fade Out Palette
  • ELF Eyebrow Filler
  • Barry M Lash Vegas Mascara
  • Sleek Face Contour Kit
  • Smashbox Black Cherry Lipstick
  • Smashbox Photo Set Finishing Powder

What did you think of the look? I’d love to know!

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox


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  1. Kerry
    January 23, 2014 / 10:20 pm

    Which BB cream did you used/do you recommend? I’m extremely pale and it so hard to find a good BB cream that’s not orange or far too dark.
    And Lzzy hale is so extremely nice, I met her after a gig and someone pushed me and I fell into her and she appoligise to me :O sweetest person ever, along with Taylor momsen who I met while at her gig and she was really shy but we bonded over wearing the same dress!

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