Review: Sinful Colors Nail Polish in I Miss You

After posting a couple of negative reviews lately, it’s nice to be back with a fun and happy one! Many of you will know that I’m a huge fan of budget nail polish brand Sinful Colors, and have tried out more of their products than I care to admit (although if you had a search through my blog, the secret would be quickly revealed…). Today I’m reviewing the beautiful I Miss You!

Sinful Colors I Miss You Nail Polish review

This glitter nail varnish has actually been sitting in my ‘to review’ box for ages, and every time I’ve looked at it I couldn’t remember why. However, when I came to use it for this post it came back to me. Unfortunately, the brush on my bottle was broken (in the sense that it wasn’t there!) so I’d always put off using it. But a couple of days ago my curiosity about the polish got the best of me and I liberated a brush from another similar-coloured bottle from my Sinful Colors collection and got painting!

Sinful Colors I Miss You Nail Polish review

I wanted to use a base shade that was similar to the glitter in I Miss You, so picked the gorgeous Let’s Talk. It is a beautiful iridescent purple and I knew it would work wonderfully underneath. I painted a thin coat of the base onto my nails and followed with two coats of I Miss You. In the past, Sinful Colors glitter polishes I’ve used have acted as a brilliant top coat on their own so I didn’t add anything extra on top.

Here was how the look turned out! I was thrilled with it, and hoped that it would last longer than some of the other polishes I’ve tried lately (from other brands – Sinful Colors have always been a hit for me).

Sinful Colors I Miss You Nail Polish review

The best thing about the polish (other than how beautiful it looks!) is how well it has lasted! I have had I Miss You on my nails for around 3 days now and it looks as good as new – there’s not a single noticeable chip and that’s even without a proper top coat. I’m genuinely amazed that a product that costs £1.99 can perform so well, and I’d thoroughly recommend it to anyone.

Which Sinful Colors nail polishes have you tried out?

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