Review: ELF Nail Polish in Sea Escape

I hate writing negative reviews. I really do. But if I only blogged about the products I love I’d feel that things looked a little fake, because ultimately not every product is amazing. I stumbled across one such not-so-fab item a few days ago – the ELF Nail Polish in Sea Escape.

Now in order to make myself feel better about having to be negative, I will say that I generally love ELF nail varnishes. Each one, other than this, that I’ve tried has been long-lasting, eye-catching and generally pretty excellent. However, after trying out Sea Escape I’ve been left a little disappointed.

ELF Nail Polish in Sea Escape

Apologies that the image quality is a bit pants – after MANY attempts at getting an accurate representation of the colour itself this was the best I could snap. It look beautiful in the bottle – a true blue/green sparkly formulation that makes you wish you were lying on a beach somewhere, piña colada in hand. As if I don’t daydream about that enough as it is…

With high hopes, I popped two coats on my nails and set with my nail drying spray. It usually works brilliantly as a top coat on its own, so didn’t feel the need to add an extra one. In hindsight that might have been a good plan, but I’m glad I was able to get a true feel of the product as it is.

ELF Nail Polish in Sea Escape

When both coats had dried, I took a look at my nails and thought…meh. The blue/green sparkles didn’t really show through, and the polish looked pure black unless you looked close up. Don’t get my wrong – I love a good black nail polish, but I was expecting something a little more jazzy from this one.

Then, as the hours went by (literally – we’re talking three hours) the chips started to appear. I’m a pretty clumsy person and always joke about chipping my nail polish within minuets but in this case, I wasn’t really joking. Plus I was being fairly careful, so it was even more infuriating to notice quite large flakes, well, flaking off. By the morning it looked as though I’d been wearing the polish for days and days, and I ended up just taking it off.

At just £2.50 a bottle, it wasn’t too big a loss. However, when I compare this to brands like Sinful Colors (whose polishes cost £1.99 and last like a dream) it’s a bit of a bummer. But never mind – I still love ELF, but this was a bit of a miss for me!

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