My New Year Make Up Clear Out!

First things first – I absolutely hate throwing things away. I’m not a hoarder per se, although my family may argue otherwise, but I just don’t like to see things go to waste. Never have, never will! That’s why deciding to have a major clear out of my make up collection was kind of a big deal. I knew I’d have to be ruthless and actually get rid of items (in the actual bin – sob!) but it needed to be done.

I grabbed my beloved Beauty Box, where most of my make up is kept, and took a peek inside. Within seconds I knew this was going to be a pretty big purge – some of this stuff I saw was from my early, early YouTube days (we’re taking 2008 here). Storage-wise, it’s not ideal to have so many products, and hygiene-wise it’s not a great idea to use opened products for more than a couple of years.

I thought it would be best to talk through a couple of small piles of products – there were loads more than just what’s below in total. Here’s the first look at the damage!

Make Up Box Clear Out

A couple of these products were ones I didn’t really like from the outset, and the rest are ones that have been hanging around a little too long for comfort. The ones I wasn’t keen on were the GOSH Art Liner and the Rouge Bunny Rouge Liquid Eyeliner. The GOSH one is very difficult to remove after applying, leaving my with sore eyes, and the Rouge Bunny Rouge one is a pretty awful product, in my opinion.

The Kryolan Eyeshadow Palette did me proud for a couple of years, but is past its best and is a bit worn out. The Wet n Wild Palette is something I’ve just never used as the colours aren’t for me, and the ELF Eyelid Primer is just a bit old. The 17 Falsifeye Mascara is actually great, but again not so hygienic as I’ve used it on-and-off for a year or so. The MUA Mosaic Bronzer is again a bit old, and something I wouldn’t have used much if at all.

Make Up Box Clear Out

And here’s the second lot I’ve got to show you. The Benefit Ooh La Lift was a favourite of mine for ages, but when I realised I’d had it since 2007 it just had to go. Same goes for the Lily Lolo Eyeshadow, although in truth I haven’t used any loose eyeshadows for a long time. The ELF and Beauty UK Eyeshadow Palettes were nice for a while, but I have other products that I favour over them now and am unlikely to use them again.

The Collection Sheer Loose Powder is again a victim to more favoured products. I adore the two powders I currently user, and although I got some good use out of this one it has become a bit redundant. The Max Factor Lipstick and Company Eyeliner are both quite old and used up now, so I had to wave goodbye to them.

Believe me, there were LOTS more products I could have shown you but couldn’t bear to! Throwing the bag of items away was difficult given my hoarder tendencies (oops, just admitted it!) but it actually felt OK afterwards. Especially when I looked at my tidy, organised Beauty Box!

Make Up Box Clear Out

How pretty does that look now?! It was actually an awesome exercise as I rediscovered some old favourite products, particularly the lipglosses you can see on the left hand side. I also made sure everything had its own place, so all lip products are on the left and eyes on the right. Ah, it feels so good!

Have you ever had a big make up purge?

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox



  1. BestDamnSmile
    January 5, 2014 / 6:12 pm

    I have just done a huge make-up clear out before Christmas (I have also been putting this off for years now). It was a sad sad day, but it feels so good to look upon my all-organised vanity desk now. 🙂

    • January 5, 2014 / 6:33 pm

      Absolutely! Also, it’s a bit of an excuse to go make up shopping… 😉 xo

  2. January 5, 2014 / 9:47 pm

    I’m such a hoarder, I don’t think I could do that without having been forced out of the house! But I do wish my collection was more neat and orderly! Yours looks fantastic!

  3. Madison
    January 7, 2014 / 1:45 am

    Great way to start a new year! I know I have just got done de-cluttering my room! Way to go…I find makeup and clothes to be the hardest to throw out! 🙂

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