Review: Smashbox Lipstick in Cognac

Welcome to my final Smashbox Fade To Black review! I have thoroughly enjoyed trying out a few products from the range, kindly sent to my by Smashbox, and today we’ll be taking a look at a lipstick – the Be Legendary lipstick in Cognac!

 Smashbox Lipstick in Cognac

As with all of the Fade To Black products, the packaging is divine – the colours are beautiful and the heavy, metallic containers feel nothing less than luxurious. I always feel that Smashbox products really earn their price tag, not only because of the quality of the make up but the gorgeous presentation!

The shade was a little different than I would normally choose for myself, but I never judge a lipstick by its initial appearance! Different shades suit people in totally unpredictable ways, and being a pale blonde I do have to be careful which colours I pick.

 Smashbox Lipstick in Cognac

Cognac is a actually quite a bit darker than it seems in the photo above – I always find lipstick shade so hard to capture in a photo! It is a peachy brown, if that is even a real combination! It very much lives up to its name in terms of colour, which made me a little hesitant to try it out. I have loved every Smashbox product I’ve ever tried and didn’t want to end the reign with this one!

My lips are currently very, very dry. They’re dry at the best of times, but this winter has just been ridiculous for my skin in general – I had to take this into account, as no lipstick looks its best on chapped lips, but here was the result!

Smashbox Lipstick in Cognac

Now if we can excuse the dry patches on my lips, which make small sections look a little darker, I’m actually pretty impressed with the finish of Cognac. It feels moisturising but not greasy, and gives a beautiful shine without feeling like it’s just ‘sitting’ on your lips.

As for the colour itself… I have to admit that at first, I wasn’t convinced. When I applied the product up close in the mirror, my mind was already telling me it didn’t suit my skintone or hair colour. However, when I stepped back and looked at the effect as a whole, it started to grow on me! I’ve had rubbish experiences with brown-ish lipsticks in the past but this is by far the nicest I’ve tried out.

All in all – Cognac gets the stamp of approval from me. I’m looking forward to trying it out in a full look to see how it works! Would you consider investing in a brown lipstick?

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox



  1. Rhiannon
    January 4, 2014 / 6:09 pm

    Years and years ago I used to swear by a Rimmel lipstick called birthday suit, which was a brown. I’d definitely give this one a go, it looks fab.

    • January 4, 2014 / 9:23 pm

      I’m definitely going to use it more 😀 x

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