NOTD: Claire’s Accessories Festive Fun

I may be cutting it fine (it’s the last day of 2013!) but I really wanted to get this post up before the end of the year, and the festive season. A week or so ago I decided to try out the gorgeous Festive Fun nail polish by Claire’s Accessories – I have long been a fan of Claire’s polishes, and when they kindly sent me this one in a gift package I got a bit excited!

Claire's Accessories Festive Fun Nail Polish

To say I’m a bit of a magpie is as understatement – I adore anything glittery or sparkly, nail polishes included! When they’re multicoloured it only make my obsession stronger, so this caught my eye immediately.

For maximum sparkle effect, I decided to pop on a black base colour before using Festive Fun. Apologies for the dodgy paint job, I was in a bit of a rush (who isn’t at this time of year?!)

Claire's Accessories Festive Fun Nail Polish

It took a couple of generous coats to get the desired level of sparkles coated onto the nails, but the finished look was super eye-catching. The contrast works very well, and under the Christmas lights they really glittered! If only I was better at getting polish looking perfect… a 2014 beauty goal, perhaps?

As the polish itself was clear, but just contained the bars of confetti-style glitter, is almost acted as a top coat over the black polish. It lasted a good couple of days without chipping, which is good going for me! I’m pretty clumsy and impatient when it comes to nail varnish drying, but this held up well.

Claire's Accessories Festive Fun Nail Polish

Best of all, Festive Fun currently retails for just £3 – a total beauty bargain! For such a gorgeous effect it is worth every penny – pop one into your basket next time you’re in Claire’s 🙂

Which nail shades were you wearing this Christmas?

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox


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