OOTD: Beetlejuice!

I’m a bit excited. And nervous…I am stepping into the world of ‘proper’ Outfit Of The Day or OOTD posts! Today, Tiz and I found a grungy-looking car park and set to work on my latest OOTD video, complete with extra photos. I called it ‘Beetlejuice‘ as a tribute to the funky leggings I’m wearing!

Here is the video:

And, as promised, a few extra images!

OOTD Beetlejuice

Oh hey roots! Must get to the salon soon…

OOTD Beetlejuice

Enough of all that – here’s a bit of smile for you!

OOTD Beetlejuice

Gotta love a bit of Beetlejuice!

OOTD Beetlejuice

So, where was everything from?

  • Burnout Leopard Print Top: Topshop
  • Beetlejuice Leggings: Insanity Clothing at Pulp
  • Skull Necklace: Topshop
  • Creeper Wedges: Primark

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox


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  1. BestDamnSmile
    August 27, 2013 / 8:21 am

    Hi Chyaz!
    I think this type of ootd video is so much more fun! Plus I really love the setting you chose! If I may add a little “remark”, I think the video was way too fast, I needed to watch it twice in order to take in all the information. Maybe you could have taken your time a little more, showing more details of the clothes.
    I also think that you were a little too far from the camera, and so background is more dominant than yourself. But it’s so awesome that you decided to film outside, It’s so much more enjoyable this way! 🙂
    Keep rocking sweetie! 😉

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