Meeting Paige Adams-Geller at Selfridges!

When a certain email landed in my inbox last week, I got super excited – as a blogger, I spend so much time looking behind the products and brands, but there’s only so far you can get. That’s why I was stoked to be invited to meet Paige Adams-Geller, founder of Paige Denim, in person at Manchester Exchange Square Selfridges!

Meeting Paige Denim

Selfridges are currently running their #denimlovers campaign, and this tied in nicely! If you haven’t heard of Paige Denim, they famously manufacture the £11,000 pair of jeans (which you can find on the Selfridges website) as well as some much more reasonable – but still pricey – pairs. However, when I say they are beautiful, that’s an understatement!

After a little wait whilst Paige was having a few photos with journalists, I got to say hi and ask her a few questions! She was only in Manchester for a few hours, having flown in from L.A.

Meeting Paige Denim

She was beyond lovely, and totally stunning! We chatted and had a good laugh, and I got to ask her a few questions.

Firstly, I put this to her – if a girl came to you and said she just couldn’t do jeans, what would you say? Paige came out with a brilliant phrase – her jeans are made for the ‘asses of the masses’! She said it’s all about having a mammoth trying-on session, and finding the perfect style for you.

Meeting Paige Denim

She also told me about some awesome design processes she goes through. Although her collections do contain classic denim jeans, she also likes to mix things up with fun patterns and interesting prints.

In particular, the Daydreamer jeans you can see us looking at here have a subtle rorschach-inspired design. See the look of amazement on my face (I’m such a dork) as I spotted rabbits, skulls and even an image of Jesus!

Meeting Paige Denim

Paige also gave me another great tip – when trying on jeans, don’t just take the trousers themselves into the changing room. Grab tops, jackets and whatever else you fancy to get a proper impression of how they’ll look in an outfit. It makes sense – how else will you know if you truly love a pair of jeans?

I had a blast meeting Paige, and she actually really inspired me to dig out my denim and make the most of it. I’m also totally eyeing up a pair of Paige Denim jeans – better get saving those pennies!

Meeting Paige Denim

Thanks so much to Selfridges for inviting me along! If you’re heading to Selfridges in the next few weeks, be sure to look out for further #denimlovers events taking place.

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox


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