Convince Your Parents: Make Up, Hair Dye, Piercings

When I was a teenager, there were various things I wanted to do so badly – it was just a case of convincing my parents that it was a good idea, too. I know that many of my viewers are teens themselves, and I’ve been asked for my advice on this subject more times than I can remember!

That’s why I dedicated my latest YouTube video to answering your questions. Here it is – Convince Your Parents: Make Up, Hair Dye, Piercings.

Knowing how to talk to and convince your parents to let you do certain things – such as wear make up, dye your hair or get a piercings – can be tricky. It’s all about learning to explain why you want to do something, and assure them that it’s something you’re sure about.

It can be difficult for parents to understand why you just have to get a second hole in your ear lobes, or start to wear more interesting make up looks. That’s why I’d encourage you to sit with your parents to watch this video, hopefully to help you communicate better.

Please note that everything I say in the video is just from my personal experience, as a relatively recent ex-teen! I can see things a little more clearly from both sides now, so I hope my advice is useful.

If you have any further tips to share yourselves, or any feedback on the video, please do leave a comment below. I’m all about expressing yourself and figuring out who you are – I hope that my video helps with this!

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox



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