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The Draw My Life tag has been going around YouTube for a little while now, and I’ve wanted to do it for so long! After many requests, I finally sat down to film the video for you all.

I love to watch the Draw My Life videos from my favourite YouTubers, and really hope you like mine:

I could have made is SO much longer, but thought 15 minutes was definitely long enough. It’s actually an odd feeling to condense your life into such a short space of time, but it also made me realise how happy I am.

When we talk about things like beauty, we should never believe that it is just about the products we buy and use. Beauty – both on the inside and outside – is about so much more. A good diet and fitness plan are always important, but we should never underestimate the importance of feeling happy and fulfilled.

If any of you have done a Draw My Life video, please do let me know – I’d love to watch yours, too! It’s a great way of learning a little more about someone, and understanding different people’s lives. It can even help you look at yours differently, and also appreciate that you’re unique.

Also, I’d like to reiterate my message at the end of the video, and thank you all again for your incredible support. Whether you watch my videos, leave me comments, subscribe to my channel or chat to me on Twitter and Facebook, you all make me smile so much and have helped me to reach amazing goals. I love you all.

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox


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