Review: Neom Enchantment Candle

Ah, candles…I’m not afraid to admit that I’m a little obsessed with them! I love to discover new scents and match them to different rooms in our apartment, or even different times of year. I was really excited to try out the brand new Neom Enchantment Candle.

Neom Enchantment Candle

This new release has been highly anticipated, and it’s easy to see why. It is a limited edition candle, with beautiful packaging and an extra special lid (we’ll get to that in a minute!).

Neom Enchantment Candle

Now there’s no denying that Neom candles are high-end – for example, this Enchantment Home Candle retails at £42 – but they simply ooze luxury and opulence. Let’s talk a little more about the jar!

Neom Enchantment Candle

How chic can you get? The white glass is matched perfectly with the embossed wooden top to give that truly premium feel. Even though my usual style involves an abundance of animal print, glitter and general extravagance, there’s nothing wrong with stripping it back a little sometimes and appreciating elegance.

Now for the most important part – the scent itself!

Neom Enchantment Candle

Neom describe the fragrance as “reminiscent of a stolen morning walk in an ancient Bluebell wood”. I absolutely agree with this sentiment – it has that freshness of the morning about it, whilst incorporating strong floral notes. It also combines this Bluebell scent with “sweet Guaiacwood and Rose”, which I can definitely smell. There is a certain sweetness about the candle, which breaks up the floral tones.

I think this is my favourite Neom candle to date, and was very grateful to be sent it to review. It is slightly more subtle than others I have tried, yet still has that trademark Neom feel.

Which Neom candles can you not get enough of?

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