Review: Neom Organics Reed Diffuser

You may remember my review of another Neom Organics product, a gorgeous candle, a few weeks ago – today I have a brand new review for you! This post is all about the Neon Luxury Organics Reed Diffuser in Invigorate (Grapefruit, Bergamot and Lime)

Neon Luxury Organics Reed Diffuser in Invigorate


I adore fruity scents, and feel that I have tried so many fruit candles that I was super excited to try a new medium. This Reed Diffuser looked gorgeous, and I was grateful to be sent it to try out.

The scent itself comes in a beautiful glass bottle, which you insert the reeds into. The scent can take a little while to diffuse into the reeds, up to 24 hours, but I found it worked much quicker than that!

Neon Luxury Organics Reed Diffuser in Invigorate


If you get up close and personal to the glass container, the smell is super strong (as you might expect!) It has a strong citrus scent but is also sweet, which softens it down. It also has a slight spice to it, but isn’t a winter scent in the same way that cinnamon is. It is certainly spring-like, in my opinion!

Neon Luxury Organics Reed Diffuser in Invigorate

You can add or remove reeds to balance out  how much of the fragrance is released. I am much more of a fan of this product that I thought I would be – as a devoted candle addict, change is always odd! But it looks lovely, and fits perfectly in our living room, and delivers a subtle scent throughout the entire room.

This gets a thumbs up from me, and I’m looking forward to seeing if anyone who comes into our apartment notices the scent. I think they will – it’s one of those that really hits you as you enter the room, but in a pleasant way.

The Neon Luxury Organics Reed Diffusers retail at £35, which is much more expensive than a candle would be, but if you look at this like a home ornament (which it certainly is – a useful one at that!) the price seems much more reasonable.

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