BARGAIN: Betsey Johnson Pink Aviator Sunglasses

BARGAIN ALERT! I do love finding a good deal, and it’s something I’ve tried to do more and more in 2013 so far.

It’s why I love places like TK Maxx, and don’t mind digging through a few items to find the perfect one, usually for a bargain price. That very thing happened a couple of days ago, when I found my dream pair of sunglasses!

Just a quite note – I’m tying this post into my Photo A Day challenge. The photo at the bottom of the post is my daily snap!

Here are the sunglasses in question – Betsey Johnson Pink Aviator Sunglasses!

Betsey Johnson Pink Aviator Sunglasses


I actually bought a pair exactly the same from eBay a few months ago, but the awful seller sent them in a plain envelope, and of course they arrived broken. They were also disgustingly dirty – urgh! These are brand new, and found them sitting innocently on the shelves of TK Maxx in Manchester city centre.

Betsey Johnson Pink Aviator Sunglasses

Nope, your eyes don’t deceive you – the sunglasses were £12.99!! For Betsey Johnson glasses that is unheard of. I mentioned in my Sunglasses Collection video (see below) that I don’t even buy designer glasses, and I stand by that as a principal – but when you spot your favourite brand in your favourite colour and style for under £13, you cant’ say no!

And here’s the Photo A Day picture, Day #13!

Betsey Johnson Pink Aviator Sunglasses


Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox



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