Review: Barry M Lash Vegas Black Mascara

I can’t believe that I’ve gone all these years without trying out a Barry M mascara! I decided to rectify this beauty sin whilst on a trip to Boots. Their 3 for 2 offer tempted me to buy the brand new Barry M Lash Vegas Black Mascara.

I’d spotted the advert and wanted to know whether the mascara could live up to its claims…

Barry M Lash Vegas Black Mascara


I have to admit that I was slightly drawn in by the name – what could be more glamorous than Las Vegas? Lash Vegas was a clever play on words, and I can’t believe it hasn’t been done before!

The brush was much skinnier than I had expected, and also slightly longer than most. It intrigued me with its unusual shape – what do you think of it?

Barry M Lash Vegas Black Mascara


I took a quick photo of my naked lashes (oo-er) to show a ‘before’ and ‘after’ comparison. I wasn’t too sure what to expect!

Barry M Lash Vegas Black Mascara


Apologies for subjecting you to that! I applied one coat of the Barry M Lash Vegas, and had a few mixed feelings about the finished effect.

Barry M Lash Vegas Black Mascara

Whilst I did like the effect, I felt as though the mascara had separated my lashes just a little too much, as though I’d used too much product. I’m quite into volume when it comes to lashes, and don’t like gaps between individual lashes.

I decided to apply the mascara to my other eye after first curling the lashes, which is what I would ordinarily do.

Barry M Lash Vegas Black Mascara

For me, this was a big improvement – my lashes looked that little bit more ‘feathery’ and less harsh. The curl really helped to lift them and stop them looking too clumped together.

All in all, I will absolutely use this product up, just with the curler as an extra tool. The mascara retails for £6.49, which is a highly decent price for a good product.

If you’ve tried out the Barry M Lash Vegas Black Mascara, what do you think of it?

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