My Sunglasses Collection!

Accessories aren’t something that I often talk about on my YouTube channel, despite it being both a fashion and beauty one! I thought it was about time to rectify that, and decided to make a video about my favourite kind of accessory…sunglasses!

Since we moved, I have actually found a home for my sunglasses collection (which I also show you in the video. Don’t get too excited…it’s only half a drawer!) so it seemed like the perfect time to film this video.

As I mentioned, all of my sunglasses are either from places like Claire’s Accessories, high street stores or one-off boutique shops. I have never paid more than £10 for a pair of sunglasses and don’t intend to!

As beautiful as some designer sunglasses are, they are not immune from breaking. I am very clumsy, and break sunglasses far too regularly to actually invest in an expensive pair. Give me my Claire’s Accessories aviators any day!

The sunglasses I featured in the video:

  • Mirrored Aviators – Claire’s Accessories
  • Black with Gold Stars – River Island
  • Pink Aviators – Claire’s Accessories
  • Black Bug Sparkles – New Look
  • Brown/Yellow Aviators – Claire’s Accessories
  • Black Hearts – Shout
  • Pink and Black – Boutique in Spain!

Which pair of sunglasses do you like most? I’m fully prepared for people to say they don’t like any of them – I always find that sunglasses are a very specific thing!

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox


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