Nail of the Day: Dusky Pink Glitter

In my opinion, any nail look can be improved with a little glitter! I have been trying out the awesome Nails Inc nail polish in Bruton Street for the past few days (review coming tomorrow!) and decided to jazz it up a little…

Here is the beautiful polish on its own, with just a base coat underneath:

Nails Inc Bruton Street

Lovely, I’m sure you’ll agree! But as I was looking through my nail polish collection I spied this OPI shade that seemed a perfect partner for Bruton Street!

It is the pink glitter-rific I Lily Love You:

Nail of the Day Dusky Pink Glitter

I adore the finished effect, and it has proved my theory that a little glitter can go a long way. As much as I liked Bruton Street before, I love the look as a whole with a little help from I Lily Love You!

Just as a small side note to the post – when I talk about glitter nail polishes, I’m often asked how I go about removing it. A little while ago I made a video about how to remove glitter polish, which may help!

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox


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