How To Be More Confident

I don’t keep a tally of the questions people most frequently ask me, but if I did this one would come out very near the top: “how can I be more confident?”. I love to try and help people as much as I can, and thought I would make today’s video on this very topic.

It is important to say that there is no magic answer, but I can pas son my tips and advice to try and help you become a more confident person. I condensed what I wanted to say down into 5 key points…

1. Experience new things

Everyone has natural highs and lows in terms of confidence, and I know that my lows come from being stuck in the same routine. I work from home, so spend a lot of time on my own, and know that I need to break out and have new experiences to keep myself sane, and my confidence levels up! Talking to new people, going to a new place or just doing a different activity from time to time can give you a buzz and boost your confidence.

2. Know your own mind

You’re never going to feel confident talking about something you don’t understand or believe – don’t be afraid to have an opinion, as you will always feel better discussing something you have a belief about. Knowing your own mind and having some conviction with what you say and how you interact can help you to come across as a more confident person.

3. Accept your flaws

Nobody is perfect, and imagine how boring the world would be if we were?! If you’re clumsy, or blush easily, don’t worry about it – I tick both of those boxes, and make light of them. If I’m having a really clumsy day, I’ll make a joke about it before anyone else can, and that way I have more  control over how the situation can make me feel. Embracing your imperfections, and worrying less about them, can increase your confidence levels.

4. Choose your friends wisely

This is simple – would you rather surround yourself with people who put you down or lift you up? I know which I’d pick, and the latter really will help you give your mood that buzz it needs to feel more confident. There’s nothing like spending time with great, true friends to make the rest of the world seem less intimidating!

5. Celebrate your strengths

No one is saying you should shout about them 24/7, but knowing in your own heart that you are good at things can help to build confidence. Once you accept it, it will start to show on the outside – guaranteed!

I really hope that these tips have been helpful, and as always feel free to share yours below! 🙂

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox


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  1. Lottiepopxx
    February 28, 2013 / 6:13 pm

    omg this is really off topic, but Georgie came into my school today to teach an ICT lesson!!! I was so excited lol xx 🙂

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