Review: Neom Organics Contentment Candle

It’s no secret that I am obsessed with candles – I always have one burning whilst in my apartment, and love to find new scents to try out. I was thrilled to receive the Neon Organics Candle in Contentment in the post a few days ago…

Neon Organics Candle in Contentment

The candle contains a blend of buchu, nutmeg and ginger – as you can imagine, the scent is quite strong and incredibly fresh. I feel like I’m wandering through a forest after it has rained heavily (it might sound dramatic, but the scent is so true that it really does transport you to another place!)

The candle has quite a rustic feel, as though it has been made by hand rather than a machine:

Neon Organics Candle in Contentment

I love the way the box opens out to reveal what’s inside, it really makes a change from the candles I usually use and makes Neom stand out as a brand.

I was trying to think of the word that springs to mind when using the candle, and it really is ‘organic’ – not just because the product is made organically, but because it is reflected in the ethos of the company.

Now this product is pricey to buy – this large home candle retails for £39.50 – but is is a luxury brand. When I say it is large, that is a bit of a understatement! I can imagine that this candles has hours and hours worth of burn-time in it, and the price is relative to the size.

Although I personally prefer fruitier smells, this candle would work perfectly in a rustic living room during the spring time – I’m thinking that it would it perfectly in a classy country house!

If you’re a fan of Neon Luxury Organics Candles, let me know which scents are your favourites!

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  1. Shannon
    February 25, 2013 / 7:45 pm

    If I kept a candle burning in my house, with my luck, I would probably start a fire lol.

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