Review: Seche Nail Polish in Elegant

It’s always an amazing moment when you discover a beauty product for the first time – today, I had the pleasure of trying out the wonderful Seche Nail Polish in Elegant. The brand had been under my radar for a long time, and although this product has been sitting on my shelf for months I still hadn’t got round to trying it. I’m so glad I now have!

Seche Nail Polish in Elegant

It is a very dusky copper with a hint of coral, and has a gorgeous shimmer running all the way through it. I believe that I received this product in a Glossybox but can’t be sure as it was so long ago! I think that the name fits the product very well – Elegant.

Seche Nail Polish in Elegant

I started with my usual base coat as the colour seemed very strong in the bottle. When applying it, I used a regular amount on the brush and was delighted at the first coat! It is described as a nail lacquer and I can totally see why – the polish applied perfectly and had a beautiful glossy finish.

Seche Nail Polish in Elegant

I didn’t even have to add a second coat! That is unbelievably rare, and I am so glad to have finally discovered how amazing Seche nail polishes are. It also dried very quickly which is a huge bonus in my book, especially if you have to get your nails done in a rush.

I’ve seen Seche products to retail for around £5 online, which is an absolute bargain. Although I am trying to curb my nail varnish purchases, I am so tempted to try out more of their shades!

If you have any Seche recommendations, please do let me know. You bunch of enablers, you 😉

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox


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