Review: OPI Mariah Carey Polish in Stay The Night

My love affair with the OPI Mariah Carey Liquid Sands collection is continuing…in today’s blog post I will be reviewing the black and red delight that it Stay The Night.

OPI Mariah Carey Polish in Stay The Night

I used to be obsessed with red and black and a combo, and although that has subsided a little I was still really excited to try it out. I had a fantastic experience with the Mariah Carey polish I tried a few days ago and had high hopes for Stay The Night!

I once again used a base coat, the OPI Nail Envy, and applied one coat of Stay The Night. Here’s how it looks!

OPI Mariah Carey Polish in Stay The Night

I was a little concerned that it looked washed out after the first coat, but I have learned that the second coat is the charm when it comes to the Liquid Sands polishes. I allowed it to try (which was super quick!) and then applied coat number two…

OPI Mariah Carey Polish in Stay The Night

That’s better…kind of! I was really tempted to add a third coat to make the polish look super opaque, but didn’t want it to end up looking too thick, or not drying properly. OPI recommend using just two coats, but I think in this case an extra cheeky one would have worked a treat.

So although the polish isn’t as super black as it looks in the bottle, it is still quite stunning on the nails. I’ve had it on for a couple of the days and it is starting to wear at the tips, but I’m so excited to try the next two Mariah Carey polishes that I don’t mind taking it off and starting again!

Watch this space for the next two reviews!

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  1. Sofie
    January 25, 2013 / 12:51 pm

    Omg, I love the MC polishes, they’re so unique! I think I’ll purchase the purple-ish one!

    • January 28, 2013 / 12:11 pm

      They really are incredible – I only have the blue one to try out now from this set, so excited 😀 x

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