10 Ways to Save Money on Make Up

2013 has got me feeling all thrifty…the feeling of saving money or getting a good deal on something is hard to beat! To coincide with my new attitude, I thought I would make a video on the matter, aptly titled 10 Ways to Save Money on Make Up:

The tips are all very simple and straightforward – it’s just about using your head and being a bit clever about your spending. It is so tempting to spend ridiculous amounts of money on beauty products, and it is often totally unnecessary.

I will leave the bulk of my tips for the video (no spoilers here!) but I’ll pop some general advice below:

  • Don’t settle for the first product you see – shop around to find the best deals, and read blogs for tips and advice!
  • It’s often the little things that make the big differences – for example, using the right tools for the job (I’m not doing so well with my ‘no spoilers’ rule here…but see the video for more examples!)
  • Freebies are always around if you know where to look for them – the video has lots of hints and tips on this front
  • Always take stock of the make up and beauty products that you already own, you probably have much more than you realise!

I’m going to stop typing before I give the whole video away, but if you’re trying to watch the pennies this year then good luck! It’s actually much more fun that you’d think 🙂

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox


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