Review: Lioele 3D Skin Fix Foundation in Pure Ivory

As a pale girl who likes to embrace it, it is quite tricky to find the perfect foundation shade. I have succeeded so far with the Illamasqua Skin Base in Shade 3 (which I adore) but it never hurts to have a shop around.

I was looking through my ‘to review’ box the other day and came across a sample I bought from eBay a few months ago. It is a sachet of the Lioele 3D Skin Fix Foundation in Pure Ivory, which I got free with a sample of their famous BB Cream.

Lioele 3D Skin Fix Foundation in Pure Ivory

Now the BB Cream didn’t work too well for me – it was much too dark for my pale skin, as most BB Creams are. I did appreciate the formula of it though, and it looked great on my sister when we tried it on her.

The shade of the foundation sample is Pure Ivory, which gave me a little more hope that it would work well for my skin tone.

Lioele 3D Skin Fix Foundation in Pure Ivory

However, when I opened the packet up I knew it would work similarly to the BB Cream for me. The shade was far oo dark (not an Ivory shade at all, in my book). I know that the products are created for Asian skin tones, which explains the colour formulation, but I decided to give it a go anyway!

Lioele 3D Skin Fix Foundation in Pure Ivory

So this is the product on my hand – you can see the clear colour contrast with my own skin from the outset. I blended it with my stippling brush on to one cheek, and it was clear that it just wasn’t going to work for me:

Lioele 3D Skin Fix Foundation in Pure Ivory

Apologies that the photo quality isn’t the best, but you can see the clear difference between the colour of my cheek (with the foundation on) and my neck/hairline. The photo doesn’t even quite show up how orange it looked on me!

Here is it blended into my hand:

Lioele 3D Skin Fix Foundation in Pure Ivory

I do have to give the product praise for its performance though – I have very dry skin, and applied it accidentally without moisturising. It blended into the skin like a charm, and didn’t leave any dry patches or flakiness. I really wish that they made a lighter shade as I would try it out for sure. The application was flawless but was just overshadowed by the shade for me.

If you have tried out any more of the Lioele products, please do let me know how you go on with them!

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox


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