Review: Lee Stafford Pink Perfume

I’m a big fragrance fan, and love to match my scents to different times of the day as well as the seasons. I was thrilled to receive this gorgeous perfume from my dad for Christmas – theĀ Lee Stafford Pink Perfume.

Lee Stafford Pink Perfume

I immediately fell in love with the name (of course!) and when I read the description I couldn’t wait to give it a whirl!

Lee Stafford Pink Perfume

I love a good fruity perfume for the day time, especially in the summer – I think this will be perfect for warm spring and summer days when you don’t want to wear a heavy fragrance. It contains notes of passionfruit, bergamot, vanilla and honey. Gorgeous!

Lee Stafford Pink Perfume

The perfume was so familiar to me, I feel like I used to own something similar when I was a little younger. It really does give off a super summery vibe to me, and will be keeping it in my handbag over the warmer months.

The smell was also really long-lasting, and remained fresh too. There’s nothing worse than a perfume that goes a bit stale as the day goes on, so I’m glad to report that it lasted super well!

If you think it’s bizarre that a hair care brand like Lee Stafford would create a perfume, don’t worry – it really does work. I’m very grateful to my dad for the lovely Christmas gift!

I also love the little motto on the packaging: “Have fun, look wicked and smell beautiful!”. Well said Lee, well said.

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox


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