Review: Nails Inc Polish in Motcomb Street

Ahh, I have missed doing my review posts! I love to try out new (and older) products for you guys, and today I have a nail polish review for your delectation.

I received theĀ Nails Inc Polish in Motcomb StreetĀ free with a magazine a month or so ago (I can’t remember whether it was Glamour or Company) and it has just sat on my shelf for a little while. My sister took my Shellac nails off for me a few days ago, so I’m back on the polish!

Nails Inc Polish in Motcomb Street

For the longest time (well, until I actually used it) I thought this nail varnish was pure black, but it’s actually a very dark navy shade.

Nails Inc Polish in Motcomb Street

I love a good black nail polish, but it’s always a little more interesting to have another hue to it.

I started with a base coat as always (particularly important when using a super dark shade!) and then applied two coats of Motcomb Street.

Nails Inc Polish in Motcomb Street

I do apologise for the dodgy painting job! I was in a bit of a rush to get my nails done, so they weren’t perfect. I really liked the shade on its own – it was glossy and had a nice gel feel to it.

I did, of course, get bored (any nail look without glitter is not on in my book!) I added a bit of silver glitter to jazz the look up. However, I really do plan on just wearing the polish on its own in the future – I think it is gorgeous!

It lasted really well on my nails (with the top coat of glitter), a good week until I really felt I needed to spruce my nails up. Good going!

Which Nails Inc polish shades are you loving?

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox


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  1. Shannon
    December 28, 2012 / 9:42 pm

    i got some of their polishes for Christmas the one I’m wearing now is called “Disco Lane” its a black nail polish with holographic glitter in it I really like it and it seems to wear well its been about 3 days with minimal chipping

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