Review: Sleek Sheen Lipstick in Coral Reef

I’ve been a big fan of Sleek cosmetics for a long time – I love their range and the formulation of their products. When I opened up the Glossybox I was kindly sent this month, I was thrilled to see that they had included the Sleek Sheen Lipstick in Coral Reef.

Sleek Sheen Lipstick in Coral Reef

I’m not necessarily a coral person as I find it doesn’t work too well with my pale skin tone.  But I decided to give it a whirl and see if this particular shade fit me well.

Sleek Sheen Lipstick in Coral Reef

I don’t think the photo actually demonstrates just how bright this lipstick is – it’s almost a neon coral! I always think that lipstick swatches should actually take place on the lips (after all, that’s where you’re going to be wearing it!)

Sleek Sheen Lipstick in Coral Reef

Wow! I have to say that, for me, this lipstick is a little too bright. But on a darker skin tone than mine I can imagine it looking beautiful. I do absolutely adore the formulation of the lipstick, it is very creamy and moisturising but doesn’t move about all over the place.

One amazing plus point about the Sleek lipsticks is that they are just £4.99 – I have tried lipsticks which are 4 times the price and nowhere near as good. Two of my favourite lipsticks are actually by Sleek, and they often have offers on (2 for £6 is one that springs to mind) so always look out for those.

I think I will see if my mum would like to use the lipstick as she has a lovely skin tone for it, and corals really suit her.

Are you a fan of Sleek lipsticks, or any of their other cosmetics? Let me know!

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox



  1. Rae-Rae
    December 16, 2012 / 12:47 pm

    Hi Chyaz, you’re awesome! 😛

  2. Shannon
    December 16, 2012 / 6:33 pm

    i HATE the color coral in general but my friend likes it and coral lipstick does look good on her

  3. panda
    December 16, 2012 / 9:53 pm

    i imagine this with your face soooo pretty. i think if it’s to bright you should put the product on your lips using a brush so you can blend it and make it perfect shade for yourself!

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