Weight Loss Wednesdays: Week #13

So, week 13…luck for some! I’ve had a funny week food-wise, and not just from the weight loss point of view. Let me explain!


As I have mentioned, I’ve been whitening my teeth all week (every night for two hours). Whilst in the whitening process, I can’t eat or drink anything strongly coloured – so coffee, tea, red wine and curry are all out!

My average day of food has looked something like this for the past week:

Breakfast: Two weetabix (or the Aldi equivalent at least!)

Weight Loss Breakfast

Lunch: Anything beige, such as toast or cracker breads. I’ve also been trying to eat dried fruits which don’t have much colour to them like dried mango!

Weight Loss Wednesdays

Dinner: This has consisted mostly of pasta with a cheesy sauce, or fish and rice. Very dull but it hasn’t got to me just yet. Let’s see how much longer it takes!

Snacks have been almost non-existent, as I’ve just not wanted to risk it. I’ve been eating inoffensive vegetables like sweetcorn and drinking smoothies through a straw to help up my vitamin intake too!


I know that being busy is no excuse…but it’s my excuse. I’ve had a super busy week travelling around and doing bits and bobs, so have had no time to exercise. Determined to try and sort this out though – I still have my gym membership (because the %$^&’s won’t let me cancel it until May…)


Weekly weight loss: 1lb ** Total weight loss: 13 lbs

Another pound lost! I’m so, so happy – just one more to go until I reach the stone mark. Tiz always says to me that it should be a marathon, not a race – I’ve lost the weight at a steady pace instead of crash dieting. Roll on next week!

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox


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  1. Alice M
    November 21, 2012 / 8:13 pm

    Well done on losing nearly a stone, and Tiz is right, you’re not been losing silly amounts really fast with some daft diet but instead been keeping it at a constant rate, which is so much healthier. Makes me feel like I should try to lose some weight, going to look into exercises I can do that won’t disturb the flat below and go walking I think.

    Also, if I may ask, what it was that made you go pescatarian (vegetarian who eats fish)? I ask a lot of vegetarians the same questions and get various answers so I’m curious.

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