Review: 17 Perk & Paint Eyeliner

I love a good smoky eye, and for me that always involves a good black eyeliner! But is is possible to feel a bit drab when your eyes are so dark, which is why I often accompany a smoky eye with a highlighter. That’s why I couldn’t wait to try out the 17 Perk & Paint Eyeliner – it is double ended, so there is a smudgy black pencil and soft pink highlighter!

17 Perk & Paint Eyeliner

I love big, chunky pencils and this really fit the bill. Here’s a closer look at the black liner…

17 Perk & Paint Eyeliner

And the soft pink eye brightener…

17 Perk & Paint Eyeliner

Now for a product like this to work for me at all, it has to be a few things: blend-able, soft, pigmented and smooth. There is no point in having a pencil that is designed for creating an entire look that is going to leave chunks of liner on your eye (like so, so many do). It has to apply evenly and allow you to work with it.

I gave both ends of the pencil a little swatch to test them out!

17 Perk & Paint Eyeliner

I was very happy with them during the swatch, and they ticked all of my criteria boxes! The only thing I was a little concerned about it how well the pink brightener would blend out to look like a skin-toned highlighter. I really put the product to the test as I created a smudged smoky look on my eye, complete with dashed of the brightener…

17 Perk & Paint Eyeliner

Ta da!

All in all, I do like this product – I did find that I had to add quite a bit of the black pencil to get a super deep black line, but as you get so much product in the chunky pencil this didn’t bother me too much. I loved how the pink highlighter blended out to just draw a little bit of light to areas like the brow b0ne, inner corner and middle of the lid.

The Perk & Paint Eyeliner retails for a bargain £3.99, and it did an incredible job for a product of that price. Well done 17!

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox


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