Advice To My Teenage Self

A few weeks ago, I spotted a tag going around on YouTube – the Advice To My Teenage Self tag (I think it was actually called ‘Advice FOR My Teenage Self’ tag, but the grammar of that stuck in my throat a little…)

I decided to film the video, offering 5 pieces of advice that I would have told teenage Chyaz. I felt that it might be useful for anyone else who could relate to the things I mentioned.

Here is the gist of what I talked about in the video (in case you’re more of a reader than a watcher!)

1. Don’t feel bad about the mistakes you make – as long as you learn from them, mistakes are what make us who we are.

2. Never devalue or underestimate yourself – this will only allow others to do the same. I like to live by the phrase “someone can only make you feel inferior with your permission”

3. If you’re thinking of taking up smoking, don’t! I never did and am so glad about it. Everyone knows how bad it is for your health, and your looks.

4. Arguments don’t solve much! If you want to get your point across, a debate is always more fulfilling and useful. Try to apply this when talking to your parents too, I promise you’ll all have a happier time if you cut down on the arguing.

5. Never let anyone tell you who to be. Your teenage years are all about developing and discovering who you are, and if someone is telling you you can’t dress a certain way, like a certain type of music or achieve something you want to then it is damaging.

I really hope that this video has been helpful to you in some way! As always, I’d love to hear your take on this – please feel free to leave your own pieces of advice to your younger self in the comments.

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox


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  1. Steph
    November 16, 2012 / 5:33 pm

    Had to make a double take of your teenage pic as thought it was Avril! HONEST! :O x

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