Review: ELF Nail Polish Remover Pads

First of all – huge apologies if you were expecting my usual post about weight loss today! I’m actually writing this post in advance as I am going to swamped today (Wednesday as you are reading this!) so won’t be able to weight myself and get my post up as usual. I promise there will be one next week!

Today’s post will be a review instead – I have been trying out the ELF Nail Polish Remover Pads and would love to share my thoughts on them with you!

ELF Nail Polish Remover Pads

I generally have mixed experiences with nail polish remover pads – they are either amazing or totally useless. I have tried out so many that I really know what I like and dislike in them, which formed a good basis on which to review these ones!

ELF Nail Polish Remover Pads

The pads cost £2.50, and you get 24 in a pack – people have funny ideas about how much things from ELF should cost, but I weight up each product on how good it is, not just the fact it’s from a certain brand.

I started to take the polish off one of my thumb nails, and although it took a bit of scrubbing to get it going (thanks to my sturdy top coat) once it broke through it worked a treat. I loved that it left my nail feeling conditioned without being covered in liquid!

ELF Nail Polish Remover Pads

I can’t stand it when nail varnish remover pads leave fibres on the nail they’ve ‘cleaned’ – it happens more often than you’d imagine! There was no trace of that with these pads though, which is a huge bonus.

All in all, it took three of the little pads to get all of my nail polish off. As there are 24 pads in the tub, that’s eight removals in total. So obviously, pads aren’t as economical as using a bottle of remover, but the whole idea of them is convenience. I can totally imagine taking these on trips with me and keeping them on emergency stand-by.

If I could change one thing about them, it would be the scent – it is described as citrus fresh, but really just reminds me of a cleaning detergent. If it was something like strawberry or melon, that would improve them no end.

Have you used any of the ELF nail polish removing products? Which do you like best?

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