Review: Miss Flicklash False Eyelashes

I love a clever invention – obvious thing to say, but that moment when something comes along and you think, “how has this not been done before?” is always a good one. When I received a lovely email from the creators of Miss Flicklash – the false eyelashes with an eyeliner flick already attached – I jumped at the chance to try the lashes out!

Miss Flicklash False Eyelashes

Now there are two make up tasks that I find very difficult to do – one of them is to get a perfect eyeliner flick (yay!) but the other is to apply false lashes (oh dear…). So mixed in with my excitement was a slight worry that I wouldn’t be able to master applying these gorgeous lashes after all.

Miss Flicklash False Eyelashes

The lashes I received are much more dramatic than I would ever really wear, so I did keep that in mind whilst trying them out. I also trimmed the inner corners of them before applying as they were too long for my eyes, but that’s not unusual.

I loved that the lashes were lined with a glittery strip that eventually formed the flick at the outer edge – they are very glamorous indeed, as dramatic falsies should be!

I’m afraid to say that I did struggle with applying the eyelashes – but please bear in mind that this is mostly a case of operator failure, as I struggle with any false lashes. I did find that the presence of the flick made it a little more difficult, but if you don’t generally have a problem with applying false lashes you should be fine.

Miss Flicklash False Eyelashes

I managed to get the lashes looking lovely when I had my eyes closed, but unfortunately my eyes are quite hooded – when I opened the, things didn’t look so glam…

Miss Flicklash False Eyelashes

Although I tried to bend and shape them to my eye, it was either the flick looking properly positioned or the inner corner actually sticking down. In this photo, the inner corner lost the battle!

I have to be clear though – my problem here was not with the product (which I actually think is gorgeous and totally genius) but more with my lack of skills and odd eye shape. I am absolutely going to persevere with these lashes though, because I think they could look amazing! I will probably trim them down a little to look more natural, but would love to wear them out one day.

The lashes retail for £9.99 per pair, which seems a little pricey, but when you consider how clever they are it seems more reasonable. Just one more note – the lashes are from the EyeCandy Couture cosmetics company, which you may have heard of!

Let me know if you guys decided to try them out – I’d love to know how you got on with them!

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox


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