Review: Alessandro Pro White Original Nail Polish

Any fellow nail junkies will know the perils of applying different shades frequently – one of the most irritating is staining of the nails, especially after applying a strong colour with an inadequate base coat! That happened to me a few weeks ago, and my nails have had an awful tinge to them since (in my haste to get rid of them, I didn’t take a ‘before’ photo – apologies!)

I was looking through an old Glossybox when I discovered this little chap sitting at the bottom of the box – the Alessandro Pro White Original Nail Polish. It is a German product that seemed just right to sort my sorry nails out!

Alessandro Pro White Original Nail Polish

The varnish costs the equivalent of £7.85 for a 10ml bottle, which puts it at about the same as an OPI polish in relative terms. It claims to optically brighten nails, and contains an anti-yellowing formula. It sounded like just the ticket for me, and I had very high hopes for it!

Alessandro Pro White Original Nail Polish

I loved the brush – it was just the right size for my nails, and made the application of the polish super easy. The corrugated handle of the brush is also very ergonomic and helps clumsy people like me to avoid dropping the brush (a very messy experience!!)

So…did it work? I’m going to say yes, but not perfectly. It undoubtedly improved the look of my nails, but didn’t banish all traces of yellowness (in my case, left over from a nasty green nail polish). Here’s how they looked after the application!

Alessandro Pro White Original Nail Polish

I am going to keep this polish close by in case of any further nail emergencies, so it is likely I will use it in the future! If you have a problem with discoloured nails, I would actually recommend giving it a try – compared to other nail treatment polishes, it is in about the right price bracket and does produce results.

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  1. Kay
    November 1, 2012 / 4:28 pm

    Can you recommend anything for weak or damaged nails? I’d really appreciate it =3

    • November 1, 2012 / 5:09 pm

      I’d really recommend the OPI Nail Envy! I use it and it really works 🙂

  2. Kay
    November 3, 2012 / 3:18 pm

    Awesome! Thanks =)

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