Review: 17 Blow Out Mascara

Mascara is my basic make up essential – most days it’s all I wear, so when I try one out I need it to be good! At the awesome 17 event a couple of weeks ago we were given a goodie bag, and this little beauty was inside – the 17 Blow Out Mascara.

17 Blow Out Mascara review

The super thick and chunky tube made me think that it was probably going to have a huge brush, and I was kind of right – the brush is sizeable but not so big that you just cannot work with it.

17 Blow Out Mascara review

The mascara retails at £6.49 from Boots, which makes it almost a third of the price of the high-end mascara that I’m trying to use up at the moment. And to tell the truth – it’s three times better!

I’m always dubious about mascara’s claims, but this one wasn’t claiming to give you Extra-terrestrial enormous knock-people-out-when-you-blink lashes – all it promised was to volumise and sculpt. (Take note certain cosmetics company who everyone knows I’m talking about)

I took a photo of my lashes beforehand:

17 Blow Out Mascara review

And after a generous coat of the 17 Blow Out Mascara:

17 Blow Out Mascara review

A simple and effective product that gets the job done rather than just talking about it. I’m thoroughly impressed with this mascara, and will absolutely be using it in the future. Thanks very much 17!

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox


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  1. Alice
    October 6, 2012 / 2:21 pm

    Do you know where I can get really cheap make up brushes, I live in Ireland and i get seven euro pocket money a week. I know you live in England but have you got any tips?

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