Review: ELF Nail Polish in Dark Glitter Purple

Don’t you just love it when you stumble across a beauty product in your collection, and you realise you’ve never actually tried it out!? That’s just what happened to me the other day when I picked up my ELF Nail Polish in Dark Glitter Purple!

ELF Nail Polish in Dark Glitter Purple review

I’m a huge fan of purple nail polishes – they’re my favourites, next to pink and black of course. This was¬†originally¬†sent to me by my lovely friend Harriet, and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t tried it out until now!

I applied a base coat, two coats of the ELF polish and finally a top coat. This is how my nails looked straight afterwards!

ELF Nail Polish in Dark Glitter Purple review

I really do like ELF nail polishes, and this one didn’t let me down. The application was fantastic – as the brush is quite slim, it makes it easier to be more precise, especially around the cuticle area. As much as I do like big fan brushes, it was a welcome change for me!

The polish lasted around a day before it began to chip, which isn’t a surprise with me as I am so clumsy! That’s probably the only criticism I have of it – it is a lovely shade and looks brill on the nails.

ELF Nail Polish in Dark Glitter Purple review

Although it is described as a glitter polish, the glitter is very subtle (which is quite nice for a change) and not chunky in the slightest. You can really see it in the right light, which means you can get a two-in-one nail effect – that’ll do for me!

Are you a fan of ELF Nail Polishes? Any to recommend?

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  1. wanda
    September 21, 2012 / 6:33 pm

    the color is really nice!

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