Review: Valentina Assoluto Perfume

I seem to go through phases of doing perfume reviews, and I haven’t done one for a little while! I love to receive samples in things like my Glossybox, so I know if I really like a fragrance before potentially purchasing it.

In the latest Glossybox, I was thrilled to spot a sample of the Valentina Assoluto Perfume – a rich and luxurious scent.

Valentina Assoluto Perfume review

I think you can tell when a perfume is going to be particularly strong or rich – even the packaging of the sample denotes those qualities in this case!

The perfume is a mixture of rich fruity tones, particularly of peach, with heavy floral notes and a woody signature. All of the elements mix together to create a very distinctive scent – however, I did find that it faded quite quickly to leave more of a sweeter floral fragrance.

Valentina Assoluto Perfume review

When I looked it up, I wasn’t too surprised to learn that the perfume is expensive – around £60 for 50ml. The scent is definitely one which reflects opulence and is clearly designed for those who embody or aspire to it.

I personally wouldn’t purchase this fragrance, mostly due to the fact that it is just too strong for me, but the price also puts me off a little. I can, however, imagine someone completely falling in love with the scent, and I’d really recommend that you try a sample of this perfume.

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