Review: Bex Londoner Fragrance in N6

Welcome to my second Glossybox-related review of the week! Today I’m having a good old sniff of the perfume sample that arrived in this month’s box – the  Bex Londoner Fragrance in N6.

 Bex Londoner Fragrance in N6

I love it when perfume sample cards come with a good description of the fragrance and it’s inspiration…

 Bex Londoner Fragrance in N6

So each of the fragrances is inspired by a different area of London- this one, N6, being inspired by Highgate Village (I’ll pretend to know where that is…!) It’s top notes of of bergamot, English fruit and pink pepper. The heart notes are listed as rose, jasmine, caramel, amber and sandalwood. That’s a lot to be going on in a little sample bottle!

 Bex Londoner Fragrance in N6

My first impression was that it was woody but clean – it reminds me of my grandparent’s house (not in a bad way, in a warm and familiar way!) and it is quite reminiscent of a soapy, fresh smell. I realise that I’m not exactly selling it to you (not that that’s my aim) but I really do quite like it!

It is almost rustic and homely, and the sandalwood is the ingredient that really leaps out at me. This perfume would really suit an outdoors-loving, relaxed, hippy-inspired lady (I’m thinking of my good friend Sarah, who I will pass the sample along to!)

There is, however, one massive drawback. A 100ml bottle of the perfume costs a whopping £81 – no joke! I really wish this fragrance was more affordable as it would make an awesome gift.

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox


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