Review: MUA Extreme Volume Mascara

If you saw my MUA review from a couple of days ago, you’ll have seen that they tend to claim that their mascaras have different benefits – that one was meant to curl your lashes (which it did quite nicely) and the one I used today aims to add volume; unsurprisingly, it is the MUA Extreme Volume Mascara.

MUA Extreme Volume Mascara

Similarly to the other MUA mascara, it is in the shade ‘Black/Brown’, which is probably why I’ve failed to try it out until now, even though MUA kindly sent it to me months ago. I don’t know why I was so scared of the colour though; in the end, it turned out to be quite nice!

MUA Extreme Volume Mascara

I am always incredibly dubious about mascara claims – they have all begun to exaggerate SO much that it has become ridiculous. So when a mascara claims to give you ‘extreme’ volume, I always take it with a pinch of salt…

MUA Extreme Volume Mascara

The wand looked quite promising – I’m a fan of thick, chunky wands and this ticked both of those boxes!

Let’s look at my lashes before and after…

MUA Extreme Volume Mascara

Don’t my lashes look naked? I’d better cover them up!!

MUA Extreme Volume Mascara

Ok…anyone else a little confused? The mascara gave me absolutely fantastic length, but very little volume. So technically, it’s a very good product – if only they’d marketed and named it a lengthening mascara.

I’m sure that I will use it in the future to give length to my lashes, but not volume. I really want to give this product a thumbs up as a lengthener, but not to make your lashes look nice and thick.

What do you think of the MUA mascara? Let me know!

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