Review: OPI Congeniality Is My Middle Name Nail Polish

If you read my Nail of the Day blog post yesterday, you’ll know that I was less than impressed with the OPI┬áCongeniality Is My Middle Name nail polish. I can only guess that it has somewhat gone off – it is meant to be a lovely pink glitter shade but has separated out into a red, with a trace of the proper colour every now and again!

OPI Congeniality Is My Middle Name

I was quite gutted, as although it was in a sale (I can’t quite remember which site I bought it from though, doh!) it was still pricey. My lovely boyfriend Tiz clearly felt quite strongly about this nail polish as he spent a good 10 minutes shaking it for me trying to get the colours to even out!

Once he’d given it a good mix up, I applied it to my nails:

OPI Congeniality Is My Middle Name

Here’s a closer look at what it was meant to look like in the bottle…

OPI Congeniality Is My Middle Name

As with all OPI polishes, it applied really well but unfortunately the colour just didn’t work out. It was a perfect combination of the two shades within the bottle, but not what I was really going for.

I’ve learnt my lesson now though – I’d be much more ready to send a dodgy nail polish back now!

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox


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