Review: Natural Collection CoverUp Cream

On a daily basis, I’m not one for covering up my skin with make up products like concealer, foundation, powder etc. I spend too much time on my skincare routine for that! However, there are times when it is hard to avoid make up, and I had one such occasion at the weekend. Around the middle of last week, I got an insect bite on my cheek (slap bang in the middle…sod’s law!) and knew I’d probably have to end up covering it up with something for my cousin’s wedding, which was on Saturday. I started the day with my GOSH foundation, which nicely evened out my skin tone at the outset.

By the time it got to the evening party, the bite mark was working its way through my foundation, and my under-eyes were looking dire. I was sharing a hotel room with my sister and I borrowed her concealer – the Natural Collection CoverUp Cream in Fair.

Natural Collection CoverUp Cream in Fair

Although the photo looks quite dark, it’s really a very light concealer and perfect for my skin, as both have yellow undertones. I used a little under my eyes, obviously on the bite and just around my nose too. The consistency is gorgeously creamy and non-drying – anything that looked remotely dry on my skin is a real no-no for me. I would post a photo of myself from the night, but far too much wine was drunk for me to look decent in any picture…

I bought the concealer for myself today in case of any further emergencies on special occasions, and I’m really glad I did. The product is fantastic, and….it is £1.99. You didn’t read that wrong – it is seriously that price. I haven’t tried any high-end concealers, but if I did this is the kind of standard I would expect. I believe it’s sold exclusively at Boots, and may even be a Boots brand.

So, I have nothing negative to report from this concealer – try it for yourself to see!

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox



  1. Sofie
    May 23, 2011 / 9:45 pm

    That’s really cheap for a concealer! I think it’s a good thing to be as natural as possible. I don’t use foundation, but sometimes powder when it’s really necessary. I also have a really light skin-tone.
    This product really sounds promising!
    (You got me kind of curious about the photos of that evening though.. 😉 )

    • May 23, 2011 / 10:49 pm

      It really is such a good price!! A great buy 🙂 and I always look SO terrible on photos where there is alcohol involved haha! :p xx

  2. poplip
    May 24, 2011 / 7:18 pm

    i love this concealer too! I am really glad it is cheap and very useful and it lasts quite a while too! which is excellent for broke teenager like me!

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