Review: Superdrug Eyelash Applicator

I often write about my frustration with applying false eyelashes – I have become much better at it recently but it still annoys me from time to time.

When I was in Superdrug the other day I saw this little contraption:

Superdrug Eyelash Applicator

I have seen something very similar from another brand, but I have a feeling it is now discontinued (I wish I could remember which brand it was!). I think the idea of it is genius – let’s take a closer look.

Superdrug Eyelash Applicator

The idea is that you clasp the false lashes in the clip, apply the glue to the band and then place onto your eyes. You’re advised to keep the lashes within the clasp until the glue has dried (which I guess makes sense!)

Superdrug Eyelash Applicator

So, how does it work in practise?

I really like the idea of this little beauty tool; for the most part it is useful, particularly for getting the lashes to adhere to the outer corners of the eyes. However, I did find that the curve of the applicator was more oval-shaped than my eye, meaning that the lashes were curved in such a way that didn’t fit my eye shape. That is just unfortunate really; it would be impossible for the product to perfectly fit each eye shape in reality.

I think I will use the applicator for the first part of the application process – applying the lashes to the outer corner of my upper lashline – but will then take over with my fingers to coax them into place towards the inner corner. The applicator cost just £2.49 from Superdrug. Worthwhile if you struggle with your falsies!

Have you ever used an eyelash applicator? What do you think of them?

Stay Creative,

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