Review: Nina Ricci Nina L’Elixir Perfume

Buying new perfume isn’t something I do very often; I’m quite set in my ways when it comes to fragrances and, to be honest, there are many out there that I just don’t like. That’s why samples are great for me – it’s good to be able to check out a scent before buying it.

When I recently purchased the Avril Lavigne Wild Rose perfume from The Fragrance Shop, they sent out a free sample of the Nina L’Elixir perfume by Nina Ricci. At first I didn’t think much of it; free samples come with so many things these days. But when I thought some more, I realised it would make a good review for you guys and decided to try it out!

Nina Ricci Nina L'Elixir Perfume Sample Card

I love the apple design of the card; it automatically made me think the fragrance was going to be sweet and fruity. The inside showed more of the gorgeous design of the full-sized bottle:

Nina Ricci Nina L'Elixir Perfume Sample Card

How aesthetically pleasing does it want to be?! The bottle looks magnificent in the photo (made the little sample bottle look a bit sad in comparison!). I do love the fact that the sample bottle has a pump spray on it though – it gives a more accurate representation of the full-sized product and how it works.

Nina Ricci Nina L'Elixir Perfume Sample Bottle

So, how does it smell? The card describes the scent as ” a sparkling sweet sensual perfume with a hint of juicy toffee apple to lend  a femininity caressed by seduction”. Oo-er! I would have to agree with the first part of the sentence – the perfume is definitely sweet (although in a classy way rather than a sickly way) and does have that gorgeous apple vibe to it. I also think it’s slightly spicy whilst maintaining its sweetness. It really reminds me of Christmas and winter in general.

How much does it cost? Well, from a bit of extremely high-tech Google Shopping research (ahem.) I have come to the following conclusions: 30ml costs around £26, 50ml costs around £35 and a whopping 80ml costs £47. To be  honest, I really don’t think the prices are extreme in any way; fairly standard for a designer perfume.

Would I buy it? Not right now – as lovely as it is it is slightly too heavy for me. I prefer a fresher scent, and when I want something more intense I will always wear my Vivienne Westwood Let It Rock. A really good perfume though, I enjoyed testing it out!

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox



  1. Lara
    October 9, 2011 / 2:12 pm

    hey chyaz!i love ur blog and want to follow it and this is proberly gonna make me sound like an idiot, does it cost money or is it free?

    • October 9, 2011 / 10:41 pm

      It’s 100% free 😀 thanks my lovely x

  2. October 9, 2011 / 10:46 pm

    Thanks for the review, I also prefer fresh fragnances ^^

  3. Daynah-Rose
    October 10, 2011 / 12:40 am

    I love buying new perfumes my all time favourite will always be the Gucci perfumes.Every single one of them is so beautiful and so fresh.I like sweet scents but when you described this as slightly spicy,reminding you of Christmas.I was put of a bit.I’m not really a fan of Christmassy/cinnamon smells but I’ll still have a spray next tym I’m shopping.Thank for the review as I’ve said a billion times on Youtube your reviews are my fav.x

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