Do I Have a YouTube ‘Persona’?

I’ve been thinking a lot about my YouTube channel recently. When I started making videos back in 2008, the whole online world was a totally different place, and I was pretty much a different person. I was a 17 year old girl from the North West who thought it was fun to show her Avril Lavigne-fan friends how she achieved that rocker look with make up, and never imagined for one second that this unusual hobby could be a job. How wrong she was…

I looked back at some of my old videos recently. In the beginning I was shy, and a bit moody – on camera, at least. In real life I was silly, happy and newly in love (with my now-fiance!) but none of that came across. Tiz used to say to me that he didn’t like watching my videos as I just wasn’t my normal self, and for SO long I didn’t understand what he meant. Looking back now, I totally get it, and put it down to my lack of experience in front of the camera.

Fast forward to around 2012/2013. I had finished a degree in Broadcast Journalism and was the total opposite of my younger self – my confidence in front of the camera was enormous. I felt – and still feel – more at home in front of a lens than in a meeting room. I’d become trained in the art of presenting and had fallen in love with it. Last night I watched a couple of my videos from that time, and you know what? Once again, I didn’t feel like my true self. There were glimpses, but I kind of felt I was reading from a script (although I wasn’t) and trying to make these perfectly polished videos that involved me ‘presenting’ rather than just chatting, which is what my channel was meant to be about.

Here’s a look back at the first ever channel trailer I made – you’ll see what I mean. Please excuse the terrible camera/lighting/set up! As the video is Unlisted, you’ll have to CLICK HERE to view it.

So I then went and looked at my most recent videos. The ones where I get ridiculously excited about my new unicorn slippers, or make up my face to look like Hello Kitty. The ones where Tiz and I talk about how we got engaged, and my reaction after I’d just done a bungee jump. That’s the real me – a bit daft, full of fun and totally candid. I’m an incredibly honest person, and I feel that comes across so much more these days. I have never, ever actively tried to have a YouTube ‘persona’, but whenever I’ve felt shy, too formal or just not comfortable one has formed around me. I really hope to avoid that from now on, and feel that the last year has been a massive turning point – I’m totally happy in my channel and video-making abilities, and you’re getting the real me!

In fact, a couple of the comments made about my new channel trailer were, “this just sums you up perfectly!”. Weirdly, that’s exactly what Tiz said. For three people – two who have never met me and one who is due to marry me – to say exactly the same thing makes me feel I’m definitely doing something right.

And here is that trailer to share with you all now!

So in short, do I have a YouTube persona? I definitely don’t. Perhaps in the past it came across that way, but I guess I was settling into my own skin first before showing myself to the world (not in that way – don’t be cheeky!). In real life I am a bit hyperactive, excitable and love nothing more than a good laugh (on more than one occasion, I have been likened to UniKitty from the Lego Movie – I took it as a huge compliment!) – I hope that’s started to come across more and more in my videos in recent times.

I’d love to know your honest thoughts on what I’ve just said, as your feedback means the world to me. Go ahead, be honest! I can take it!

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox

Outfit: Mermaid

Listening to & inspired by: Mermaid by Larissa Vienna

Two outfit posts in a row – you lucky people! ;) This post accompanies my latest YouTube video, which I’ll post at the bottom for you, and features one of the most incredible dresses I’ve ever worn in my life. It’s from AX Paris, and is almost too beautiful for words.

♥ Dress: AX Paris Sequin Wrap Front Bodycon

♥ Shoes: Cut Out Glitter Heels from eBay

Mermaid AX Paris sequin dress chyaz

AX Paris Bodycon Sequin Wrap Dress

I am so totally in love with this dress – it’s so different from anything I’ve ever worn before, and it was such a fresh change. I felt like a sparkly mermaid unicorn and I LOVED it – it’s absolutely perfect for the festive season and you can’t really help but feel special when wearing it. I have seen so many sequin-covered dresses around at different events lately, and this is definitely one of the most stunning ones I’ve come across. The way the sequins change colour when you move around is incredible, and would look so awesome under party lights!

It’s always a bit tricky to explain that last bit in photos, so here’s my video – brace yourselves for a bit of dancing (or as close as I come to it…I don’t think I’ve ever danced without it being totally silly!)

So, what do you think? I’d love to know!

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox

DISCLAIMER: The dress was very kindly gifted to me by AX Paris <3

Outfit: Absolution

Listening to & inspired by: Absolution by The Pretty Reckless

Today’s outfit post is a little bit different – it’s the first time I’ve taken the photos myself, and inside our apartment. Tiz usually snaps the photos for me, but I wanted to have a go on my own today. This explains the lack of a full body shot! I’ve focussed on the details of the pieces I’m wearing, which has been quite refreshing. I’m also starting a little something new with this post – each of my outfit blogs will now be inspired by a particular song, as I almost always have one in my head when shooting photos. Today is all about Absolution by The Pretty Reckless – click on the link above to listen whilst you read this post!

♥ Jacket – Missguided Adelphe Contrast Quilted Jacket*

♥ Top – H&M Long White Vest

♥ Skirt – H&M Lace Tube Top (I decided to wear it as a skirt!)

♥ Shoes – Missguided Kelly Lace Up Patent Brogues*

Outfit Missguided jacket Chyaz

Missguided jacket outfit chyaz

I guess one of the reasons the song was in my head is because the outfit is pretty reminiscent of Taylor Momsen’s style – I adore the faux leather jacket, white vest and lace skirt look. I think by teaming it with the brogues I have added a quirky edge to the outfit, and love the patent look matched with the textures of the jacket and skirt. The slick of lipstick rounded the look off, and I’m totally in love with this shade from Smashbox in Black Cherry - it’s now discontinued, but there are a couple of similar shades still around from the brand.

I’m so impressed with the jacket from Missguided – it’s a unique twist on the standard faux leather jacket, and it totally works. The absence of a zip is complemented by the statement oversized collar and lapels, and the shiny sleeves are just fabulous. The shoes are also from the brand, and are similarly wonderful. I’m definitely going to be keeping a close eye on their site!

What do you think of the outfit? I always love your feedback so don’t hesitate to leave me a comment!

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox

Collective Haul: Beauty & Fashion

Collective Haul beauty fashion punkchyaz

I love shopping. Yeah, I know, so original that a blogger confessed to being a shopaholic. But the truth is that I go through phases of not being bothered about shopping at all, so whilst I’m enjoying it (as I am at the moment!) I want to make the most of introducing you guys to some of the little gems I’ve found along the way!

My brand new video is a Collective Haul, featuring some of the awesome bits and pieces I’ve picked up recently. I’d say I accumulated the items over the space of a couple of weeks, as I’m not one for going on a huge shopping spree within just one day. Check it out!

If you were enchanted by any of the pieces in the video (I’m definitely referring to the Unicorn slippers…PURE LOVE) then here are some handy links for you:

Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation

Sally Hansen Nail Polish Remover

Boots Cotton Wool

Black Milk Pink Wallpaper Princess Dress

New Look Unicorn Slippers

Which items in my haul won you over? Let me know!

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox

Glam Goth Make Up Tutorial

Glam Goth Make Up Tutorial look

It’s time for another make up tutorial! I really wanted to create a gothic inspired look, but decided to put a glamorous twist on it – I think this time of year is perfect for that extra glam touch, so couldn’t resist popping in a bit of sparkle and shine!

Some people aren’t a fan of the dark eyes AND dark lips combination, but I really love it – I’ve always been a huge fan of goth culture and this is my own little tribute to the gothic style, with a little Chyaz twist on it!

As I mentioned in the video, here’s a list of the products I used (and where to find them!)

Are you going to be rocking the glam goth look this season?

Stay Creative,

Chyaz xox